Super Juice Day 1




So I decided to go for it. 28 days of the Super Juice plan surviving solely on fruit and veg and some probiotic for good measure. I have done this before (not 28 days though), shopping for the raw ingredients and making the juices daily, but this was very time consuming and I just knew that if I did it again I needed a simpler solution. This came in the form of Jason Vales JuiceMasterDelivered . So the first thing you’ll notice is that this isn’t cheap… in fact scarily expensive, but I knew that this was the only way I was going to commit to this. In fact writing this blog and paying for the juices is part of the commitment, making it public so I will have friends and family asking how its going : I don’t want to fail, and so far I have a 100% success rate… well it is only day 1 🙂

Some mechanics :

The day after I ordered the 14 day pack ( I plan to do this twice ) A large well packed box arrived with all the pre made frozen juices and the frozen boost shots and the books and DVD. I had already got the book from my previous attempt. I took the box home and decanted them to the freezer leaving the day one supplies in the fridge ready for use the next day. I even packed them (there are lots !) in reverse order of days to make the process easier when getting them out. The bottles are labelled in daily groups and number in consumption order. That part is fail safe.

Day one :

I have started its coming up for midday so one boost shot, plenty of water and the morning Juice consumed. Tasted as good as the fresh ones I used to make. The ginger shot I had first was , well, very gingery. I don’t mind the taste of ginger, but it certainly was a bit fiery.

Wish me luck….the first step has been taken

Ian – 46 – 91kg


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