Day two

I survived my first day and went to bed a little early as I was more tired than usual and thinking about food. I miss food 🙂 . Had a great nights sleep and woke up to shouts of Daddy from my nearly 3 year old daughters room. She’s always happy and smiley every morning and another reason to get into better habits 

So I collected my daily bottles from the fridge before dropping Poppy to grandma’s for the day and headed to work. I’ll need to get them out of the freezer earlier than the night before as they did t defrost until 1pm so it wasn’t a great start to day two although I didn’t break any rules and just had water till then. Its mid afternoon now and I’m about to have Juice 2 for the day

A few people have asked about the lack of fibre. I won’t go into details but the juices  or smoothies depending on which one I’m having contains enough soluble fibre and coupled with probiotic tablets will be enough for the 28 days. I think the term juice is confusing to many as it applies to the process not the product. These are cold pressed vegetables and fruit mixes. 

Day two will be a success and by tomorrow I will be over 10 percent through this process …a small milestone but a milestone nonetheless.


Not overly hungry… feel fresh and alive…miss actual food. 

Ian – 46 – 90.7 kg (I didn’t put the tenths of kilos on yesterday which was 91.7kg )



  1. Ali · April 6, 2017

    Good on you! You’re doing great x


  2. Tina · April 6, 2017

    Ian you’re doing great! Loving the updates x


  3. auntie lin · April 7, 2017

    keep it up fella! xx


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