Day 3

Went to see a client today and the first thing the receptionist said was have you lost weight. Always a great boost. Had some nice messages of support which also help a lot.

Its more difficult to remember the strict regime than it is to be tempted by food, I went for coffee after a meeting yesterday and only just remembered I cant have that. My co-director in the next office had a Friday take out lunch today which didnt really tempt me : In fact it was good to see how much crap I am not eating if  had the same. To be honest I have never been a big eater, just not always great food choices, and definitely always ate at the wrong time of day.

Still 100% perfect on the regime which becomes easier each day. Sleeping better and feeling more focused and alive. Apparantly there is a “Juice High” around day 4 so lets see what happens there. Feel like I need to go for a run or a swim. My weekly football has died off recently so that exercise is gone and needs replacing. Its a bit difficult this week having my Daughter at home Wednesday till Sunday, although we will go swimming on the weekend, but it wont be much exercise for me. A good long walk at the Zoo will also be good.

Im finding the veg and fruit juices fine and taste ok but they are a little bit sweet for me . I am a chocolate lover but when I drink tea or coffee, or anything really, it has always been no sugar. In fact I dont even have milk in tea or coffee which according to a recent date I was on makes me a psychopath !! 🙂

So prepping for next week will include the fitness regime. I have been out skiing 3 times this season and we tend to cover a lot of ground with my friends, which is huge exercise, but the apres ski tends to counter balance all the good done 🙂

So have a great weekend everyone and hopefully I will find time to blog the weekend but I think I may just post stats over the weekend

As always stats below…. I know its not good to loose too much weight too quickly but it is what it is.

Ian – 89.5 Kg (-2.2kg)


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