Day 4

Another early night for me yesterday which is completely opposite to my usual routine.

You really need to get these juices out of the freezer earlier than the night before as I’m finding they are not defrosting quick enough in the fridge as instructed 

My first Saturday on the plan meant no work distraction and the temptation of food. It was hard today. I had my daughter with me and we went swimming and when we got back I cooked her Pasta with vegetables and…… Bacon. Now if I can cook and not eat bacon then I can do anything. Poppy also had a tube of Smarties which were a huge temptation. 

I’m not feeling anymore energetic today but certainly more alive. Brain feels like it’s working better too. Still finding the juices a little too sweet and have left a little bit on some of them.

I’m playing 5 a side football tomorrow so will be interesting to see if I go d that easier or tougher than usual. Poppy back to her mum’s tomorrow so will try and get to the Gym on Monday and Tuesday before Poppy comes back Wednesday night. 

Enjoy your Sunday

Ian 88.5 kg (minus 3.2 kg ) 


One comment

  1. Ali · April 9, 2017

    Doing brilliant! Enjoy your footy! X


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