Day 5



Today bought loads of energy and drive to get things done. That’s a very welcome change.

It was difficult this weekend as I sometimes have to eat food when I’m with my daughter.  It’s an inconsequential amount like testing the pasta is cooked or the crisp she force fed me in the garden when we had our picnic.

Today’s juices were not my favourites and definitely get a less sweet tooth as I’m finding them all too sweet even though there is only pure fruit and veg the fruit sugars are still there.

It dawned on me today that I am now a vegan …it wont last but it’s a new thing I guess.

Football was cancelled tonight so going to go for a run or off to the gym before I get too tired.

It was a beautiful weekend which made me feel good about the direction I’m going.

A point to note is that I’ve been  88kg for years and a few heavy apres ski sessions on the beer had shot me up to 91kg so after 5 days I’m back to normal so everything from here is going to feel great.

Ian  88.4kg (minus 3.3kg)


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