Day 6 – Super Juice Me 28 Days



Feeling very good today. Full of energy and life. Feeling healthy and no lethargy. I would say that I am still wanting food but definitely not needing food.

So here’s the big gain. When I do want food I’m not thinking of anything junk like or chocolate and treats just good wholesome food. I think I’m this resets your body needs and wants. I’m pretty sure it will be easy to cook great meals when I’m finished. I have zero desire to put any crap in my body right now. That’s a huge thing for me.

I am contemplating a weekend away for the finish of the ski season and rather than thinking about the usual apres ski evenings drinking beer im thinking how to make sure i get my juices over there. This is not I need to…its I want to. Huge change.

Juices today were excellent. Really enjoyed them.

One thing is I think my body has done the usual shock thing of not losing weight for last couple of days. It’s in safe mode 🙂

Ian 88.7 kg (minus 3kg)


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