Day 7 ( week 1 complete ) 28 day Super juice

So here it is….day 7. One whole week and 25 percent complete. Does it get harder…nope…its become second nature and transforming healthy eating outlook hopefully forever.

Those seven days have gone quickly and easily…there were moments but not many that I wanted to eat but I was never hungry. I’m more commuted than ever to completing this.

I had my week 2 delivery arrive today and all stacked in the freezer now ready to plough on. 

Went for a small run this morning which was great as it was amazing weather and tomorrow I have a 6.45 am RPM class at my gym. 

So the threats this week are that I have a gig with my band on Thursday night to kick of the bank holiday weekend . The beer will be flowing but I guarantee I won’t have one. Then there’s the bank holiday weekend itself which I’m going to use for good.

Week one summary : Hard to get started easy to finish. Weight loss about 4kg  or 9lbs . Feeling alive…feeling happy…feeling Very healthy. 

Ian 87.9kg (minus 3.8 kg )


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