Day 8 – My 28 day Super juice

Got up nice and early this morning after my lovely friend Becca talked me in to going to and RPM spin class at 06:45am. I’ve done a fair amount of gym in the past but never done this before. The first ten minutes I thought I’d never see it to the end of 45mins but it got easier the more I did and made it through to the end.
It was a great start to the day.

The juices today were not my faves and far too sweet. So much so I just totally cut one out of the loop. Hoping my last one tonight is better. I member reading that I can have nuts on the plan  so quickly bought some walnuts and ate about 80g of them. Then I read the calorific value and was upset to see it was more than the 470 calories I burnt at RPM. Lesson learnt.

Weight seems to have levelled off a bit so hope for some improvement by the end of the week.

Still feeling fighting fit fresh and healthy though. 

Ian 87.9 kg (minus 3.8kg)


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