Day 17 – 28 day superjuice

It’s Friday ! I do like the weekend. I’ve only 2 left to go where I can’t go out to eat.

It’s incredible how food can be a constant in the mind. It goes to show how the brain controls so many addictions. I’m lucky … I don’t smoke and never have… I don’t do drugs and never have .. and drinking is purely social..i can be quite good at that. So food must be my vice and I can empathise with those suffering a real addiction.

Im.getting everything I need nutritionally and not overly hungry but keep torturing myself with food thoughts. 

The good thing is I’m looking forward to really good healthy food and will really need to keep it that way.

No gym this weekend till Sunday night which will either be 5 a side football depending on numbers or a run.

Today’s juices were all really good. Would prefer them to be more veg based as I think the fruit and therefore the fruit sugars are too high. 

Can’t believe how quickly the days have gone…day 17 done…10 day countdown tomorrow 🙂

Ian 85.5kg ( minus 6.2kg)


One comment

  1. Ali · April 22, 2017

    Good on you Ian x


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