Day 18 – 28 Super Juice

Ok today was pretty much my worst day

Nothing particularly wrong or bad but my little cheats got out of hand. Now you may think it’s absolutely nothing but it kinda makes me feel bad and that I have to be really strong and resolute for the final run in.

Total cheats were a couple of bites of Poppys sandwich when we went to visit Aunty Ruth. I also had about a quarter of a pack of crisps. Now I know that’s hardly going out for a huge meal or a cheeky takeaway but I need to get back to pure days.

This week I will be definitely getting more exercise in. Need to hit the ground running for the end of juicing and normal healthy eating returning.

I’m expecting to be heavier tomorrow than today so keep checking those sign off stats.

I’m going to aim for a total of 10kg loss …so there it’s out there and public …lets see what happens.

Ian 85.2kg ( minus 6.5kg ) 


One comment

  1. Ali · April 23

    Don’t feel too bad! You’re doing amazing still x


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