Day 19 – 28 Day super juice

These cheap Ikea glasses in the pic fit the juices in perfectly. Lots of beetroot giving that colour. 

I was really good today and stuck rigidly to the plan.

I’m definitely bored with the juices and can’t wait to get to normal healthy food. I’m focused and loving that it’s just over a week to go. 

I haven’t really struggled with the taste and flavour of them so far but today it felt very medicinal. And there’s no joy in that.

Going to go for a swim tonight and maybe a run see if we can get the last kilos off. 

Took poppy to the beach today and bought her a gorgeous looking strawberry and vanilla ice cream…wasnt too bad to not have one but it did look good. She enjoyed it which was enough for me.

Only one weekend left to go and I can look forward to going out for a coffee or something to eat.

Ian  85kg ( minus 6.7kg )



  1. Ali · April 23


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  2. Tina · April 23

    How about when you’re finished you come to us for a nice healthy vegan meal? You’re doing a great job Ian, not long to go now…you can do this! Xx

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