Day 21 – 28 Day super Juice

Day 21 and I’m feeling totally positive. The last week was hard. Doing everything right without enough success …well that just made me more determined. 

I have booked a personal trainer to start me off as soon as day 28 is over. This is for nutrition and fitness. I have a good frame and feel I’ve earned the right to look good so the 28 day plan is the start not the goal. Goal 2 is now firmly focused on body shape for my Holiday in 8 weeks. Highly motivated  for this.

I was asked 6 weeks ago to go on channel 4s first dates program. I had the telephone interview and they wanted me to do it. I would have if I was totally happy with how I looked or if I had time to sort that. I didn’t as filming was scheduled for two weeks after the interview so I declined. I would have enjoyed it That was a catalyst for this whole process and a good one too. It got me here and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Juices today were really good and zero cheats. The last one of the day was Tahini Cocoa Beaney. The best of all the juices…a real treat.

Today I finally broke the 85kg barrier that has been hanging around too long. I feel I can achieve the 82kg by next week. A total loss of 10kg or 22lbs. I’ll be happy with that.

Went for a swim this evening which blew out the cobwebs and hopefully get up early enough tomorrow for another swim.

Ian  84.8kg ( minus 6.9kg )


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  1. Ali · April 26

    You’re focus is immense!

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