Day 22 – 28 day Super Juice

Is it day 28 yet…is it? Ok well nearly . I’m surprised how quick the time has gone

I have to admit to a cheat today. I had a slice of bread when I got in. It was one of those half size ones …thats 3 I’ve had in the 22 days. I bet that affects my stats tomorrow morning and then I’ll kick myself.

I have onr juice to go as im writing this. I thought i would post a little earlier having left it very late last night.

No exercise today unless I sneak to the gym later but I am.on Daddy duties tonight so its unlikely.

I’ve started to introduce some home workouts before bed and when waking by simply doing as many press ups as possible which isn’t that many at mo but increasing them every day.

I hope laughter lends itself to better physique as I spent last night laughing whilst watching Peter Kay’s Car Share.

Juices were just fine today …very citrus ones.

Not expecting great losses for tomorrow but had a good last couple of days.

Ian 84.3kg ( minus 7.4kg or  16lbs )


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  1. Ali · April 27, 2017



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