Day 23 – 28 day Superjuice

I’m going to say today is the day that I started to introduce food back in as the final days approach…or in other words I had a couple of cheats whilst making Poppys tea. However I didn’t have juices 3 and 4. Mustn’t let this happen again.

With a free weekend I will be able to get a few gym sessions in and also have a Gig with my band on Saturday night so a chance to workout whilst loading in and out all the equipment.

I have 5 days to get to goal weight and it’s going to be close but not quite there but I’m definitely going to go for it.

It’s nearly time to start banning the meals going forward and trying to source some professional advice with this. Bearing in mind I’m going to pay for this I would have thought I would have got a call back from the PT my gym recommended. Not the best start for someone your trusting with your program who doesn’t call back even after a chase. So disappointing. 

Anyway let’s see how bad the cheats affect tomorrow’s weigh in.

Ian 84.2kg ( minus 7.5kg or 16.5lbs )


One comment

  1. Tina · April 28, 2017

    You’re so nearly there Ian! Come on, final push for those last few days! You can do it! X


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