Day 25 – 28 day Superjuice

This is me today just before setting off for my gig. 

The last weekend of juice regime… for now. 

Had a lazy kind of day which was just right. Evening was much livelier as I had a gig with my band and the food they put on for us was amazing….to look at šŸ™‚ 

So I ate nothing and only drunk water as I have done for 25 days. That’s quite some achievement. 

There’s always the next step to consider. This is definitely a spring board and not the end of it. I will be planning my next steps with some pro PT help.

It’s weird to see the freezer emptying of all the juices knowing they are the last ones. I Will  have had 112 in total. 

I had booked the 29th day of work to go shopping for clothes in London but I’m going to leave it as I know I can get in even better shape. 

Right it’s late and I need some sleep. Thanks for reading this far and stay with me for the last few days.

Ian 83.5kg ( minus 8.2 kg or 18lbs )


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