Day 26 – 28 day superjuice

Got up early today as was the demands from my 3 year old Poppy. We had lovely morning together.

I’m so glad that my weekend routine will be back to normal next week. Being able to pop out to a coffee shop is a big miss. 

I was asked today what I am going to eat and what I missed the most. Both tough questions. I thought I’d miss chocolate the most but it’s not even close . Definitely a savoury thing first. I guess because I was asked at a gig and it’s a staple of the late night mussos post gig treat it has to be cheese on toast. Not to be seen on the health food scale 🙂  . What I am tonight eat first is far trickier. I don’t want to eat anything. I’ve put so much work in that I won’t want to ruin it. I guess it might be a chicken pasta thing.. I’m not sure yet. 

I’ve been keeping back one juice from each of the last 4 days so that I can use them to help me gently return to food. 

Must get to the gym on monday ad football was cancelled … again !!

Ian 83.4kg ( minus 8.3kg or 18lbs )


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