Day 27 – 28 Day super Juice

Today was all about day 29. I met with my new personal trainer and booked to start the gym sessions on Wednesday. 3 sessions per week with PT as well as whatever I can add as I want to keep up my swimming.

We discussed my goals and plans and more importantly the nutrition side. So I should get my meal plans tomorrow just in time to get the food shopping in for Wednesday.

Strangely I weighed more today than yesterday. I did go to the pub last night but only drank water… maybe just going to the pub is bad for you šŸ™‚

I popped out to get a few extra bits of gym wear just to make sure i have enough for the increased amount of sessions. 

I’ve gone from looking forward to food to being apprehensive of it. Don’t want to ruin  the hard work. My metabolism will have massively slowed down so I have to gently work it back up. 

So my penultimate post is done… my penultimate day is done.

Ian 83.7 kg ( minus 8kg or 17.6lbs )


One comment

  1. Missy · May 2, 2017

    Love food, just eat good food xxx


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