Day 28 – 28 day Super juice

My first meal for 28 days. Chicken with brown rice and green beans. 

So here it is… the final day. It’s all done and it was worth every single sacrifice. 

It’s been a journey with so many different outcomes. I’ve learnt to understand that I was in a terrible food cycle. I didn’t eat a lot of food before but I ate the wrong food and at the wrong time. I look back now and can’t believe some of the food of would eat. I have a new outlook on food and a new respect for it. I would drink a lot of diet coke and now I can’t think of anything worse to put in my body. I put so much effort into cleansing my system that I have no wish to destroy that.

My review of the plan is that it is an amazing way to kick start a total lifestyle change. You feel amazing and loom better and lose weight. A lot of weight. However be prepared to go straight to healthy eating afterwards or you risk piling it back on. Quick weight loss is acknowledged as not being the best route but for me it’s worked… amazingly well. I had a nutritionist plan my diet once of the juices so all going to plan now. 

Today I started my Personal Training for phase 2. I have 3 sessions a week as well as my regular swimming and football. I loved today’s session although I’m sure I’ll ache in the morning. 

I guess my summary would be that I learned that I have very strong will power. That everyone was so supportive. Publicising my journey made sure I kept to it and would recommend it. I have never felt healthier or felt happier about me and how I look. I can’t say a bad word about the 28 day Super Juice and you’ll find it difficult to find any bad reviews online. Pure nutrition every day .. never hungry..feel amazing. 

Oh … and I lost 20lbs approx 9kg or just under a stone and a half. I was 91.7 kg and ended up 82.9kg . 14.5 stone to 13 stone in 28 days.

If you want contact me.for any advice if you are considering doing the same then just drop me a line.

Thanks for reading …thanks for your support. 



One comment

  1. Tina · May 3

    Well done Ian, you did it!!! Keep up the good work now. You’re looking fab, not just the weight loss but you have a sparkly glow that just makes you look so healthy. Great job! X

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