Day 28 – 28 day Super juice

My first meal for 28 days. Chicken with brown rice and green beans. 

So here it is… the final day. It’s all done and it was worth every single sacrifice. 

It’s been a journey with so many different outcomes. I’ve learnt to understand that I was in a terrible food cycle. I didn’t eat a lot of food before but I ate the wrong food and at the wrong time. I look back now and can’t believe some of the food of would eat. I have a new outlook on food and a new respect for it. I would drink a lot of diet coke and now I can’t think of anything worse to put in my body. I put so much effort into cleansing my system that I have no wish to destroy that.

My review of the plan is that it is an amazing way to kick start a total lifestyle change. You feel amazing and loom better and lose weight. A lot of weight. However be prepared to go straight to healthy eating afterwards or you risk piling it back on. Quick weight loss is acknowledged as not being the best route but for me it’s worked… amazingly well. I had a nutritionist plan my diet once of the juices so all going to plan now. 

Today I started my Personal Training for phase 2. I have 3 sessions a week as well as my regular swimming and football. I loved today’s session although I’m sure I’ll ache in the morning. 

I guess my summary would be that I learned that I have very strong will power. That everyone was so supportive. Publicising my journey made sure I kept to it and would recommend it. I have never felt healthier or felt happier about me and how I look. I can’t say a bad word about the 28 day Super Juice and you’ll find it difficult to find any bad reviews online. Pure nutrition every day .. never hungry..feel amazing. 

Oh … and I lost 20lbs approx 9kg or just under a stone and a half. I was 91.7 kg and ended up 82.9kg . 14.5 stone to 13 stone in 28 days.

If you want contact me.for any advice if you are considering doing the same then just drop me a line.

Thanks for reading …thanks for your support. 



Day 27 – 28 Day super Juice

Today was all about day 29. I met with my new personal trainer and booked to start the gym sessions on Wednesday. 3 sessions per week with PT as well as whatever I can add as I want to keep up my swimming.

We discussed my goals and plans and more importantly the nutrition side. So I should get my meal plans tomorrow just in time to get the food shopping in for Wednesday.

Strangely I weighed more today than yesterday. I did go to the pub last night but only drank water… maybe just going to the pub is bad for you πŸ™‚

I popped out to get a few extra bits of gym wear just to make sure i have enough for the increased amount of sessions. 

I’ve gone from looking forward to food to being apprehensive of it. Don’t want to ruin  the hard work. My metabolism will have massively slowed down so I have to gently work it back up. 

So my penultimate post is done… my penultimate day is done.

Ian 83.7 kg ( minus 8kg or 17.6lbs )

Day 26 – 28 day superjuice

Got up early today as was the demands from my 3 year old Poppy. We had lovely morning together.

I’m so glad that my weekend routine will be back to normal next week. Being able to pop out to a coffee shop is a big miss. 

I was asked today what I am going to eat and what I missed the most. Both tough questions. I thought I’d miss chocolate the most but it’s not even close . Definitely a savoury thing first. I guess because I was asked at a gig and it’s a staple of the late night mussos post gig treat it has to be cheese on toast. Not to be seen on the health food scale πŸ™‚  . What I am tonight eat first is far trickier. I don’t want to eat anything. I’ve put so much work in that I won’t want to ruin it. I guess it might be a chicken pasta thing.. I’m not sure yet. 

I’ve been keeping back one juice from each of the last 4 days so that I can use them to help me gently return to food. 

Must get to the gym on monday ad football was cancelled … again !!

Ian 83.4kg ( minus 8.3kg or 18lbs )

Day 25 – 28 day Superjuice

This is me today just before setting off for my gig. 

The last weekend of juice regime… for now. 

Had a lazy kind of day which was just right. Evening was much livelier as I had a gig with my band and the food they put on for us was amazing….to look at πŸ™‚ 

So I ate nothing and only drunk water as I have done for 25 days. That’s quite some achievement. 

There’s always the next step to consider. This is definitely a spring board and not the end of it. I will be planning my next steps with some pro PT help.

It’s weird to see the freezer emptying of all the juices knowing they are the last ones. I Will  have had 112 in total. 

I had booked the 29th day of work to go shopping for clothes in London but I’m going to leave it as I know I can get in even better shape. 

Right it’s late and I need some sleep. Thanks for reading this far and stay with me for the last few days.

Ian 83.5kg ( minus 8.2 kg or 18lbs )

Day 24 -28 Day superJuice

Had that Friday feeling today. Really happy for the weekend. It’s the last one on the 28 day journey so will be a bit more social from here.

Today’s juices were good but preferred 1 and 4 … 2 and 3 were the same so I skipped 3.

I stuck to the plan today. I also went to buy a couple of bits of clothes earlier and was made up to be buying medium sized T shirts. 

Still no news from the PT so.will go to the gym tomorrow to try and sort it out.

Happy and healthy πŸ™‚

Ian 83.9kg ( minus 7.8kg or  17.2lbs )

Day 23 – 28 day Superjuice

I’m going to say today is the day that I started to introduce food back in as the final days approach…or in other words I had a couple of cheats whilst making Poppys tea. However I didn’t have juices 3 and 4. Mustn’t let this happen again.

With a free weekend I will be able to get a few gym sessions in and also have a Gig with my band on Saturday night so a chance to workout whilst loading in and out all the equipment.

I have 5 days to get to goal weight and it’s going to be close but not quite there but I’m definitely going to go for it.

It’s nearly time to start banning the meals going forward and trying to source some professional advice with this. Bearing in mind I’m going to pay for this I would have thought I would have got a call back from the PT my gym recommended. Not the best start for someone your trusting with your program who doesn’t call back even after a chase. So disappointing. 

Anyway let’s see how bad the cheats affect tomorrow’s weigh in.

Ian 84.2kg ( minus 7.5kg or 16.5lbs )

Day 22 – 28 day Super Juice

Is it day 28 yet…is it? Ok well nearly . I’m surprised how quick the time has gone

I have to admit to a cheat today. I had a slice of bread when I got in. It was one of those half size ones …thats 3 I’ve had in the 22 days. I bet that affects my stats tomorrow morning and then I’ll kick myself.

I have onr juice to go as im writing this. I thought i would post a little earlier having left it very late last night.

No exercise today unless I sneak to the gym later but I am.on Daddy duties tonight so its unlikely.

I’ve started to introduce some home workouts before bed and when waking by simply doing as many press ups as possible which isn’t that many at mo but increasing them every day.

I hope laughter lends itself to better physique as I spent last night laughing whilst watching Peter Kay’s Car Share.

Juices were just fine today …very citrus ones.

Not expecting great losses for tomorrow but had a good last couple of days.

Ian 84.3kg ( minus 7.4kg or  16lbs )