Day 21 – 28 Day super Juice

Day 21 and I’m feeling totally positive. The last week was hard. Doing everything right without enough success …well that just made me more determined. 

I have booked a personal trainer to start me off as soon as day 28 is over. This is for nutrition and fitness. I have a good frame and feel I’ve earned the right to look good so the 28 day plan is the start not the goal. Goal 2 is now firmly focused on body shape for my Holiday in 8 weeks. Highly motivated  for this.

I was asked 6 weeks ago to go on channel 4s first dates program. I had the telephone interview and they wanted me to do it. I would have if I was totally happy with how I looked or if I had time to sort that. I didn’t as filming was scheduled for two weeks after the interview so I declined. I would have enjoyed it That was a catalyst for this whole process and a good one too. It got me here and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Juices today were really good and zero cheats. The last one of the day was Tahini Cocoa Beaney. The best of all the juices…a real treat.

Today I finally broke the 85kg barrier that has been hanging around too long. I feel I can achieve the 82kg by next week. A total loss of 10kg or 22lbs. I’ll be happy with that.

Went for a swim this evening which blew out the cobwebs and hopefully get up early enough tomorrow for another swim.

Ian  84.8kg ( minus 6.9kg )


Day 20 – 28 Super Juice me

Well day 20 is finally here…the end is in sight. 

Had a good day today and 100 percent on regime…no cheats and no missing juices. 

Felt really good all day after a nice early swim and really hoping that tomorrow mornings weigh in gets me to a number starting 84. 85kg seems to have been a tough barrier to beat. 

I get my last delivery tomorrow for the last seven days. Then it’s time to concentrate on getting ready for my June trip to Mexico. 

So a renewed energy for the run in and nearly time for food 

Ian 85kg ( minus 6.7kg )

Day 19 – 28 Day super juice

These cheap Ikea glasses in the pic fit the juices in perfectly. Lots of beetroot giving that colour. 

I was really good today and stuck rigidly to the plan.

I’m definitely bored with the juices and can’t wait to get to normal healthy food. I’m focused and loving that it’s just over a week to go. 

I haven’t really struggled with the taste and flavour of them so far but today it felt very medicinal. And there’s no joy in that.

Going to go for a swim tonight and maybe a run see if we can get the last kilos off. 

Took poppy to the beach today and bought her a gorgeous looking strawberry and vanilla ice cream…wasnt too bad to not have one but it did look good. She enjoyed it which was enough for me.

Only one weekend left to go and I can look forward to going out for a coffee or something to eat.

Ian  85kg ( minus 6.7kg )

Day 18 – 28 Super Juice

Ok today was pretty much my worst day

Nothing particularly wrong or bad but my little cheats got out of hand. Now you may think it’s absolutely nothing but it kinda makes me feel bad and that I have to be really strong and resolute for the final run in.

Total cheats were a couple of bites of Poppys sandwich when we went to visit Aunty Ruth. I also had about a quarter of a pack of crisps. Now I know that’s hardly going out for a huge meal or a cheeky takeaway but I need to get back to pure days.

This week I will be definitely getting more exercise in. Need to hit the ground running for the end of juicing and normal healthy eating returning.

I’m expecting to be heavier tomorrow than today so keep checking those sign off stats.

I’m going to aim for a total of 10kg loss …so there it’s out there and public …lets see what happens.

Ian 85.2kg ( minus 6.5kg ) 

Day 17 – 28 day superjuice

It’s Friday ! I do like the weekend. I’ve only 2 left to go where I can’t go out to eat.

It’s incredible how food can be a constant in the mind. It goes to show how the brain controls so many addictions. I’m lucky … I don’t smoke and never have… I don’t do drugs and never have .. and drinking is purely social..i can be quite good at that. So food must be my vice and I can empathise with those suffering a real addiction.

Im.getting everything I need nutritionally and not overly hungry but keep torturing myself with food thoughts. 

The good thing is I’m looking forward to really good healthy food and will really need to keep it that way.

No gym this weekend till Sunday night which will either be 5 a side football depending on numbers or a run.

Today’s juices were all really good. Would prefer them to be more veg based as I think the fruit and therefore the fruit sugars are too high. 

Can’t believe how quickly the days have gone…day 17 done…10 day countdown tomorrow 🙂

Ian 85.5kg ( minus 6.2kg)

Day 16 – 28 day Super juice

Welcome to day 16.

This middle section is dragging. I’m starting to contemplate how to best move back to food which has allowed me to start to think about food…. it’s dangerous let me tell you. So after much thought the latest crave is for Marmite on toast… I so flash sometimes. 

Juices today were great but I got them in the wrong order which makes a difference as the first and last of the day tend to but more filling.

I have posted a pic of a typical ingredients list so you can get an idea of what’s inside.

I’m hoping that football is on for Sunday as I’ve missed playing the last couple of weeks. Want to ramp up the exercise to hit the ground running on day 29. Might even investigate a PT to start right.

If there’s anything you need to know or want to ask about please leave a comment and I’ll answer in the next days blog.

Ian 85.5kg ( minus 6.2kg )

Day 15 – My 28 super juice

Start of the final 2 weeks has a pause day. As I previously mentioned the bank holiday meant I couldn’t get my juices delivered until today a day late and they arrive deep frozen. 

I managed to go the whole day without anything but water but had to have something this evening so a small bowl of plain pasta was had. 

All juices are out and ready for 2nd half restart tomorrow.

Need to really make sure I’m focused for the run in and then have a plan for reintroducing food. Looking forward to that….lots 

Ian 86.4 kg ( minus  5.3kg )